In today’s online gusher of consumer opinion – dialogue, reviews and rumors come in little spurts and splash on a variety of different websites, blogs and as well comments to those blogs. It’s important for all businesses to understand what people are saying, knowing customer trends, and must see how they stack up against their rivals.


Your company’s reputation is an integral aspect in determining the degree of its good results. As you are aware, a lost good name is hard to recover and in fact it’s easier to stop something bad from happening in the first place than to fix the damage after it has happened.

Well, to stop those unexpected damages before it hits our business there strikes the most important strategy in marketing, which is called as Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management means monitoring the reputation of a person, business or brand in the Internet world, with the goal of suppressing negative mentions completely, or pushing them lower on search engine results pages to decrease their visibility.

So to keep your Reputation high in the Online Market, let’s have a look at the best online reputation proactive strategies:

  • Set up Google Alerts and Feed Reader :

Google Alert is a special feature that allows you to track the online reputation of your ecommerce website. It helps you to monitor news, web, blogs, groups and a comprehensive range of online media with regard to your business.

The alerts/conversations will be emailed to you at preferred intervals and thereafter the Search giant provides you with the info or keywords you choose to be alerted on the Googlesphere.

  • New content creation that should exclusively Target Audience :

Well, before you start writing the Content focus on the audience for whom you are targeting and in the same way promote your content online with the Targeted websites. Great content adds great value to a site, but only if people know it exists.

  • Involvement in the social Websphere (through blogs, forums, social networking):

The online Reputation of Website/Business/product/services can be spread easily with the help of social web sphere. In fact, social networking is a recent invention that has the Internet still at the edge of its seat due to its popularity with people. Social Websphere brings every kind of social group together in one place and letting them interact.

  • Promotion of existing positive content :

Sometimes sadly the best article in the world is a waste of virtual paper without the readers it deserves. So it is advised to promote your positive content in all social networking sites, forums, and blogs and so on. The more it is promoted the more Value it grabs and finally spreads buzz and showcases positive aspect.

  • Building social profiles :

Building social profiles helps you to interact with different kinds of people from one single place. It helps to increase your web presence and ultimately ROI and visibility, leaving no scope for negative news or mentions in SERPs. This is one of the best ways to promote you or your Business in the Market.

  • Monitoring consumer reviews :

Consumer inputs and reviews play vital role in reputation management and creates buzz for the business. Consumers can provide feedback for other users about your product with a single click, or reach thousands of people with a single comment. Monitoring Consumer reviews helps in learning and understanding the needs and opinions of the clients and provides them with the needful that creates an impression of trust on the Business.

  • Building Trust with Clients :

The more you build trust with the customers the more Reputation it grabs in the Market. If the customers are having a positive sign on your Business, irrespective of the negative mentions they will prefer your Services. Trust plays vital role in building interpersonal relationships between a Business and Customer.

Push Negative Mentions:

On the other hand, no matter how well your company performs and how exceptional your service levels are, there is bound to be things that tumble down through the cracks. Unluckily some people out there are very merciless and with personal grudges will write up scornful reviews regarding our Business on sites like RipoffReport,, and many other sites – These are very Authoritative and strengthened websites and the negative mentions can be found right away on first page of Google.

In case you’re not familiar with Ripoff Report, it’s a consumer complaint website where anybody can post a “Ripoff Report” regarding person or business. To file a complaint a valid email address and author’s own verification is required.

However, with the help of online reputation management you can ensure that your positive listings do not get outranked by negative comments, and here we go with some of the Best ORM Strategies to push negative mentions down:

  • Write unique, fresh, information and interactive articles :

One of the most important things in gaining Reputation to your Business/Website is unique content. Writing unique, fresh, informative and interactive articles helps you to get popular and listed on the first page of the search engine results. As a result, the higher you rank on the search engines for a specific keyword, the more targeted traffic your website/business will receive.

  • Submit articles with Popular and Authority article Directories (Squidoo, HubPages, eZineArticles, Buzzle, InfoMarketers, Go Articles, and many more) but abstain from plagiarism :

Many people, hard pressed on time directly go to web directories rather than the search engines as all the services are listed under appropriate categories and hence it is easier to find the right services. All the major web directories are well-ranked on various search engines and submitting articles in Authority article Directories can grab lot of direct traffic to the Business.

  • Promoting Articles in Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and many more):

Great content is more important when dealing with social networks, as they make it easier for Users to find what they are looking for. In a very short span of time you can spread or promote your Business to the whole world. If someone in the Social Network sites like your Business services or products there are chances that even others would opt for it. Praise or Positive comment for your Products in the Social Network site surely hits your Business Reputation.

  • Social Search :

Social Search can be approached from two angles, where in both are equally important for businesses.

a) Micros Search: This includes using social media to connect and engage with people based on keyword, location, and niche.

b) Macro social search: is a vital factor of social search that affects search engines like Google.

  • Link Popularity Building :

All major Search engines put a lot of importance on link building and its effects which have a direct association to the top positions in the search engine result pages in determining the website’s ranking. Link building is a true test of quality and a time consuming process, but is highly rewarded to gain Online Reputation in the Market.

  • Create and Maintain Professional Blog :

In Simple, Professional blogs, for professional people, for professional companies, are keys to online marketing success.

A professional blog is a place to write about current events for the corporation and for clientele to be able to read about it online. Customers are much more inclined to becoming lifelong customers if they can sense the company’s ethics, or how the company treats their customers in a professional business manner. By having a professional blog, a company can share those thoughts with their readership online.

  • Resolving Disputes and Concerns Directly :

In today’s complex society we all deal with conflict in our daily lives in personal or at business relations. However, it is best to have our conflicts resolved quickly, cordially, directly and fairly without violence. As Rumors regarding Business Disputes and Concerns would spread like Fire in the Forest, which has a huge effect on Reputation.

  • Hire Professionals / Experts :

In present competition world, it is important to promote and maintain the corporate image of an organization. Especially, in the Internet world maintaining the Reputation of a Business is one of the most important tasks and therefore it is always advisable to hire Professionals / Experts to safeguard your Reputation in the Market.


A reputation that took decades to build can be threatened by a single negative comment. So Beware of Negative comments by following the above mentioned strategies.

Reputation lives and Travel Far!!!

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